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i swear the universe is trying to kill me today.

The Vamps Live Music Video - Wildheart (Original Song) (by The Vamps)

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The Vamps and Conor Maynard but OMG LOOK AT TRADLEY <3


The Vamps and Conor Maynard but OMG LOOK AT TRADLEY <3

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Where has the time gone?


It is ridiculous.

I never really post on Tumblr and for that, I am sorry.

However, after looking back at the few posts I have submitted since I created this account, it has been kind of crazy how things have changed and progressed. I’m not trying to sound arrogant or ostentatious, but perhaps rather lucky in viewing the development of the band, ‘The Vamps’.

Since putting our first cover onto ‘YouTube’ almost a year ago, we have some how received 16 million views. This isn’t something I can really comprehend… WHY?! haha.

That said, what really excited me and truly blows me away is the fact that, when we are lucky enough to play some of the most awesome shows with the coolest bands, the audience seem to actually know our own original songs. Even from the very start of creating this band, that has been my biggest dream- to travel to somewhere I’ve never even been before and to hear people sing back our songs to us.

It’s mental to think that something that Bradley and myself started in our bedrooms in the Winter of 2011 has now developed into this- We are filming the video for our first single next week… How on earth did we get to this point!?

I know I need to start blogging more, and I will endeavour to do so.

Until the next time however, I hope that wherever you are, you are happy and seriously a massive, massive THANK YOU for making me the happiest person ever right now. 

I love you,


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How I Met The Vamps…



Todays blog post addresses a question I get asked more than any other “How did you meet/start working with The Vamps.”

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UK tour, pre-production…



So, it, begins. Arrived in Swindon Wednesday afternoon, got sorted in our rooms and then went down for dinner. I took my camera, just incase…

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The Making of That Girl



Dougie takes a break…

Plans to make this video started a few months back. Meetings with the bands management Richard and Joe about how we would do our best to replicate the McFly video got into full flow, and myself and joe started searching for locations.

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